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Intel Sandy Bridge-E and X79 Chipset

MaxForce PC is proud to announce that we are now offering the new Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs along with X79 and Z77 Chipsets. Check out the new Revolution X79 and Battalion X79 systems starting at only $1284. Our more budget minded Ivy Bridge Battalion systems can get you on your way to amazing gaming performance for only $914.

Computer Shopper Review

Editors Choice Award Review:

"Thanks to MaxForce's extensively stocked configurator page, you can tweak the Revolution's components precisely to fit your budget and performance needs. (A base model of this PC starts at a relatively modest $1,029.) But for those looking for a good balance of high-end gaming performance without breaking into extreme price ranges, we think MaxForce has done an able job here.

Our bottom line for the Revolution 2600K? It’s one of best of the new breed of cost-effective computers that offers more productivity performance than almost anyone needs, while providing a great gaming experience–without forcing you to drain your kids' college fund or take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

You can certainly configure a more powerful system for a higher price, either with MaxForce or another boutique PC maker. But we like the fact that, with this particular Revolution 2600K configuration, the company resisted the urge to splurge on the newest or most impressive-sounding components in favor of those that offer maximum performance for the price. If that kind of thinking, plus good gaming performance at mainstream resolutions are what's important to you, the MaxForce Revolution 2600K won't disappoint."

LanOC Review

"The system is simply a great performer, pulling in impressive rates both from synthetic and actual game testing. Adding even more to the value is the portability of the chosen chassis, which your back will thank you several times over for."

Computer Shopper Review

"Let's face it: While every geeked-out gamer may crave a PC built around Intel's six-core monster CPU (the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition), most of them can't afford one. And if high frame rates in recent games are your primary goal, that's misdirected techno-lust, anyway. Bypassing that über-CPU for something still speedy, but less extreme, and shifting the money saved onto a second high-quality video card is a smarter choice. That's exactly what MaxForce has done with its new Javelin P55, a gaming PC that the company says is named after a state-of-the-art anti-tank rocket launcher. We found the moniker fitting, because (pardon the lame but appropriate pun) testing this PC was a blast."

Tom's Hardware Review
"The results are pretty rosy for the MaxForce Revolution GTX3—it’s a solid, powerful PC that can shrug off anything you throw at it..."

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What People are Saying About Max Force.

As others have stated, what I liked about Max is that you can pick whatever parts you want. He will let you know if something doesn't play well. The price for all the components is also very competitive. And his warranty was better than others. 3 years minimum. If a part had a longer warranty then he would go with that. This was all included in the price. 

  • Regg411

"I would highly recommend MaxForce PC to anyone looking for a custom build. This is only the second machine that I've purchased pre-built (the first one was a Packard Bell i386 without a math co-processor, yeah I'm old) and the time and dedication shown to the build were obvious. MaxForce PC is also cheaper than many of the other boutique shops I believe. I would have no problem matching up my build to one from another supplier."

  • jcooper138

"I could not be happier with this system. At 1680*1050 I can run Half Life 2, Bioshock, and Supreme Commander at max settings with anti-aliasing. Crysis is great at high quality settings, no AA."

  • Todestool

"Well, finally my computer came. What a great wiring job! So far I have run Crysis Warhead and Mass Effect, and both ran beautifully."

  • Deinonychus

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